At Human ID jeans we use sustainable and environmentally responsible materials and production processes, and we ensure fair and safe conditions for garment workers.

We promote conscientious, non-impulsive consumption that leads to choosing quality garments that last longer, thus helping reduce textile wastes and negative impacts on the environment.

In short, we seek to create a fairer, more sustainable, and conscientious textile industry that benefits both people and the environment.


This is the core of our sustainability strategy. We work to ensure that we maximize the use and value of our products in accordance with the circular economy principles and the waste hierarchy, ours is a sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing process.


We are at the forefront in the implementation of sustainable and ethical practices throughout the fashion value chain. We challenge the old notion of decades past, which promoted rampant production to then discard unsold inventory. Slow fashion is proving that less is more when it comes to supplying the market.

Our skilled workers are very close to the product during the manufacturing process, this allows strict quality control throughout our time-optimized procedures.

It is easy to get caught up in an industry that seems to move faster every day, but it is possible to maintain profitability with an organic slowdown in production processes.


We choose materials made from renewable resources or recyclable materials in our sustainable designs. Our priority is to generate the least amount of waste. We use next-generation state-of-the-art technology. We use production leftovers to create and design our packaging model.

To save water, we use special biodegradable elements in the washing process, such water can later be treated as a residual element and is used for other purposes.


Addiction to extremely low prices and ephemeral trends has resulted in a "fast fashion" culture that is destroying the planet at an alarming rate.

The confidence that comes from creating your own unique look is a feeling that doesn't vanish with the next big market trend. Having your own lasting style lets you feel more comfortable in what you wear, and you stop being part of our planet’s devastation that comes from buying more and more clothes that are thrown out season after season.

To that end, we are committed to offering a wide range of styles based on Premium Denim products that allow you to express your identity in a responsible and sustainable way.


Our packaging model involves biodegradable or recyclable materials instead of plastic or other single-use materials. Our jeans come in a bag made from leftover denim fabric, for which you will find a good use, they are perfect for packing your shoes in your luggage or for bringing your sandals to the beach, for example.